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  • Stephane Gauthier Metal Polish

    Stephane Gauthier Metal Polish

    Gauthier Polishing Metal Polish (16 oz. btl.) Stephane Gauthier is a polisher who holds himself to the highest standard of metal polishing. After many years of polishing and using different products he has released his own polish. This metal polish is as...

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  • Renegade EZ Red Spray Metal Polish

    Renegade EZ Red Spray Metal Polish

    Renegade EZ Red Sprayable Metal Polish Renegade's EZ Red Sprayable Metal Polish is designed to bring shine and luster back to your polished surfaces with a convenient spray formula that you can use on-the-go. Use Renegade EZ Red when you pull up to a...

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  • Evan's Bug Remover 16oz.

    Evan's Bug Remover 16oz.

    Our Time 2 Shine Bug Spray Remover was created to produce an enzymatic reaction, breaking down and softening the tissues of the bugs to avoid micro scratches in your paint. This product is safe for both interior and exterior use. Simply spray on and wipe...

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  • Ceramic Foam Rinse Agent by Evan's

    Ceramic Foam Rinse - 16oz

    This product can be used monthly after washing your vehicle to coat your vehicle. First clean your vehicle thoroughly. Second put 2-3 oz. in a Foam Cannon / Garden Hose Foam Cannon (sold separately) and fill the rest of the foam cannon...

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  • All Purpose Cleaner by Time2Shine/Evan's Polishing & Detailing

    All-Purpose Cleaner - 16oz

    Time2Shine APC or All Purpose Cleaner is simply that. This product is safe for both interior and exterior use. Simply spray on and wipe off or spray on and wash off. Both application processes work really well.

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  • Chrome Polish by Time2Shine and Evan's Detailing & Polishing

    Chrome Polish - 16oz

    The Time2Shine Chrome polish is an easy to use show polish. A little bit truly goes a long way. LESS IS MORE!!! Apply a little bit of the chrome polish to a microfiber applicator pad and remove with a clean microfiber towel. Avoid...

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  • LUHMI Amglos Polish 35.3 oz/1 kg

    LUHMI Amglos Polish - 1 kg

    LUHMI Aggressive Hand Polish-Amglos Polish & Wax Aluminum and Metal Polish- our sacred secret from our pals in Poland! Hand and machine polish in one easy step. Amglos can remove brake dust, oxidation, and rust from any metal. It has been especially...

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  • Glass Cleaner - 16oz

    Glass Cleaner - 16oz

    We searched high and low to find the best Glass Cleaner we could find. We found exactly what we were looking for. If you want a streak free shine on your glass and plastic then look no further. All the things you come to expect from an Evan’s...

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  • Tire Shine - 16oz

    Tire Shine - 16oz

    Tire Shine: This water-based formula is designed to give your tires a glossy or matte finish. It is meant to be sprayed on and left to dry to achieve that glossy look. Alternatively, it can be sprayed on and wiped off for that brand new clean tire look...

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  • Quick Detailer - 16oz

    Quick Detailer - 16oz

    Our silica- based quick detailer is different when compared to others on the market. One spray will go a long way- seriously, less is more! This bottle is 16 ounces, so it will last a long time. Apply with a Detail Towel (Red microfiber) and...

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  • Ceramic Sealer - 16oz

    Ceramic Sealer - 16oz

    The ceramic sealer is a Sio2-based product derived of heavy silica. It is specifically designed as a 6-9 month coating in light use and 4-7 month coating in heavy application. This product will cure and harden as it is applied. Start by spraying onto a...

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  • Aluminum Polishing - 16oz

    Aluminum Polishing - 16oz

    Aluminum Polish: Shake vigorously. Put a small amount on a Wax Applicator pad and apply to aluminum. Polish until you can see the shine. Remove with Terry Towels (Cotton) . Use Detail Towel (Red microfiber). Contains Petroleum...

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  • Glass Sealant - 16oz

    Glass Sealant - 16oz

    T2S GLASS SEAL- Shake bottle before each use. Use a Detail Towel (Red microfiber) or similar towel to apply and take off. Paper towel and newspaper will not work. Must use a cloth to apply and remove. Apply directly to glass or mirrors for a...

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