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Renegade Products

Renegade Products

Posted by Marty on 2020 Nov 2nd

Coming from the shores of sunny California, Renegade Products is a detailing supply company that has taken the industry by storm. With product lines ranging from marine to semi trucks, Renegade has you covered for your detailing products.

In recent years, Renegade has exploded onto the market with products that work and a media presence to back it up. I started seeing Renegade Products at truck shows a few years back and was instantly impressed. Starting with their Rebel line of products, the Rebel Red Metal Polish is a great all-around polish for metal in already good shape. It delivers a great luster and leaves a show shine. For the metal that needs a little more help Renegade offers, the Rebel Pro Red Heavy Cut is very similar to the Rebel Red but features a more aggressive compound for the surface that needs extra care. 

Moving on from the metal polishes, the Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Conditioner is a crowd favorite. Featuring easy application and a grease-free finish, Renegade has delivered a product that is great on everything from tires and rubber trim, to the dash and seats of your semi. Renegade has not forgot about the paint on your ride either. They offer everything from the wash and wax soaps, to spray waxes, and even ceramic coatings. They have the knowledge and products to help keep your ride looking new. 

Moving inside the cab, Renegade has taken care of keeping the inside both looking fresh and smelling fresh as well with their Kiss My Glass Glass Cleaner and California Love Air Freshener products (just to name a few).

Having used many of these products personally whether it would be during truck shows or just in the daily grind of keeping the truck clean and looking large. For ease of use and storage Renegade has packaged their products into convenient kits tailored to your specific need. Offering kits for semi trucks, UTV's, Marine, and a complete Detailer Series. Renegade has exactly what you need to keep your ride dialed in and looking its best.

Renegade Products is one of the many world-renowned brands carried here with confidence at Should you have any questions regarding Renegade Products or any other brands carried here please give us a call at 1-877-727-8101.

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