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Shift Products Fenders

Shift Products Fenders

Posted by Marty on 2021 Mar 2nd

Sometimes the big parts are the ones that are overlooked the most, Fenders are a prime example of this.

Shift Products is a company born out of necessity, the founders could not find a fender design that suited their vision. Nevertheless, they embarked on their mission to design and build the best premium semi truck fenders on the market.

Shift offers two different designs of rear fenders resulting in 3 different configurations (yes you read that right). Let's dive right into the composite half fenders first. The main goal behind these fenders is to be light weight, tough, and to look great while providing years of service. Using a high strength composite, Shift Products has built a fender that delivers a smooth paintable surface. These fenders are beautiful and tough enough to handle the harsh Canadian highways while weighing less than 20 lbs per side. The composite half fenders can be bought with or with out brackets depending on the suspension of the desired application. Now being lightweight, tough, and good looking is not the only trick up these composite beauties sleeve.

Using the composite half fender as the starting point, Shift has developed a patent pending interlocking joiner that allows them to join two fenders into one virtually seamless paintable full fender. This lightweight alternative to a stainless fender allows the customer to paint and decal until their hearts contents while maintaining a durable yet beautiful presentation. One of the major advantages to this fender design, is if an issue occurs where a fender gets damaged the customer can easily replace only that damaged section, saving them having to replace the whole fender. These fenders are available in a few different lengths, allowing them to be compatible to most axle spacing options in the full fender configuration. These fenders also make a great option for trailer fenders as they are light and easily adapted to custom mounts.

Shifts signature rear fender is the Fiberglass Single Axle full fender often referred to as tub fenders. These beauties have been on multiple award winning show trucks and many everyday working show trucks in Canada and the USA. These fenders feature a vacuum formed full sheet fiberglass design that brings incredible strength (seriously these fenders have survived deer strikes) and an easy to paint and flawless surface. The fenders can be ordered with a custom lip if so desired but are usually manufactured with a 1" lip that is a great balance of form and function, allowing for that custom look but maintaining enough clearance to facilitate easy tire changes and other routine maintenance without having to remove the fender. Fit and finish on the fiberglass fender is second to none, using a vacuum formed mat fiberglass process allows Shift to offer a fender that needs no body work by the customer, these fenders arrive to the custom straight, true, and primed with a grey gel coat. These fenders after fitment are quit literally "scuff and shoot" the painters love them! Mounting of the fenders is accomplished through a tried and true mount system developed by Shift for the 2005+ Peterbilt low air leaf systems using the integrated 304 stainless mounts of the fender and beautiful steel suspension mounts. Some other suspensions are easily mounted through some simple modification to the brackets and if needed the fender can be mounted via paddle mounts or customer designed custom mounting.

The team at Shift hasn’t forgotten about the front of the truck either, offering a custom fiberglass front fender option for 388 and 389 Peterbilt’s. Offering a 2.5" deeper lip than the factory fender these fenders when paired with any Shift rear fender design completes that sought after custom look. These fenders share the same ready to shoot finish as the fiberglass rears but do require some trimming as the mounting area is shipped and untrimmed to account for the variances in the hood fitments.

Shift Products also offers a poly single axle fender which are available in multiple colours for those more extreme applications that see the fender taking some serious abuse. These fenders can be ordered with heavy duty mounting arms as well.

Shift Products prides itself on offering top notch custom parts to the semi truck enthusiasts of Canada and the USA. Should you have any questions regarding Shift Products or any other products carried here please give us a call at 1-877-727-8101 or check the website