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Time 2 Shine Products by Evan's Detailing & Polishing

Time 2 Shine Products by Evan's Detailing & Polishing

Posted by Marty on 2021 Mar 30th

'Use what the pros use' has often been the go-to advice for polishing and detailing supplies, but now we can say; use what the pros make!

Even Steger has been well established in the semi truck polishing and detailing game for years. Polishing countless show winners and working trucks travelling the highways and byways of North America. From his years of knowledge, experimenting and development of metal polish and polishing supplies, Time 2 Shine was born. Bringing some of the easiest to use and highest quality supplies to the market, this brand carries some pretty big weight.

Starting with the Time 2 Shine Aluminum Polish, it is among the easiest to use on the market, it rubs on easy while cleaning and lightly cutting the aluminum to leave a glossy and well protected shine. For heavier polishing and bringing that faded aluminum back from the dead, Time 2 Shine also has a full line of buffs and compounds available to purchase through 

Moving on from the aluminum, Time 2 Shine has developed and marketed some of the easiest to use paint detailing products for your semi, personal vehicle, ATV or anything with paint on it. The Time 2 Shine Ceramic Sealer and Ceramic Foam Rinse are two products that truly live up to the hype. They are easy to use and leave your paint glossy and most of all protected! I have seen both of these products used and they are incredible. 

Time 2 Shine carries product for your glass cleaning and dealing as well as general All-Purpose Cleaner and even an amazing Tire Shine.

Time 2 Shine is constantly developing and testing new products while refining their existing products to deliver the best possible supplies to their customers. Check out the full Time 2 Shine product line at or call us at 1-877-727-8101.